Frequently Asked Questions

A ping is a coded request to your website which simulates a visit from a real visitor. From doing this, we can ascertain whether or not the site would display for a visitor.
No, generally it won’t because of the way the code works. We make a request for the page, however it doesn’t draw the page, so the usual triggers to register a visit won’t run. We are happy to provide you with the IP addresses that make the requests so that you can ensure that such requests don’t count in your visitor logs if you need.
Absolutely and you are exactly the sort of person who we have built this for! Sign up for your free trial and have a play with it – you’ll see how simple it is!
We work on the ‘class of nines’ calculation where:
five nines = 99.999% uptime (an average down for 5.26 seconds per year) This is considered acceptable by most hosts
four fives = 99.99% uptime (an average downtime of 52.56 minutes per year)
Three nines = 99.9% uptime (an average downtime of 8.76 hours per year) this is considered poor.