Why should you choose PINGuana over the alternatives that are available?

As with any business, we have competitors and appreciate you have options this is good and keeps healthy rivalry as well as spurring innovation to stay ahead.

So is PINGuana the right choice for you?

Are you a small to medium sized business owner who runs between 1 and 10 websites and just want to know if any of them are down or not?

If so, then we are most likely, the right choice for you. What we offer is simple, reliable and you only pay for what you use. E.g. Sites like Pingdom will charge you £9.95 per month to monitor 10 URLs… but what if you only want to test 3? You’re wasting 70% of your spend. With us, you’ll just pay £1 per URL assuming you pay annually.

Want a more detailed look at how we compare with our competitors? Please see the list below and click on their names for further details.

The comparison

Cheapest paid plan Checks every Link Checking Page Hijacks
PINGuana £4.99/mo 1 Minute
Pingdom £7.95/mo 1 Minute
StatusCake £12.49/mo 1 Minute
Uptime Doctor £6.14*/mo 1 Minute
Pingthat £3.86*/mo 1 Minute
Site Uptime £7.72*/mo 2 minutes
Service Uptime £3.82*/mo 3 minutes
Website Pulse £2.32*/mo 3 minutes
Host Tracker £7.66*/mo 5 minutes
Pingometer £6.95*/mo up to 30 minutes
Site24x7 £6.95*/mo Undeclared
Nodeping £6.18*/mo Undeclared


*Currency shown has been converted from USD to GBP and was accurate on the day of publishing