PINGuana is the go-to alternative to Pingdom with better value and is straight forward, no jargon

Why choose PINGuana?

If you’re looking to monitor a few websites and just want to know if they are down so that you can get something done about it, then PINGuana is a great website uptime monitoring platform alternative to Pingdom.

At the time of writing this, Pingdom’s cheapest priced plan was £7.95 per month and carries out 10 checks but assuming that you just want to know if the home pages of three websites are up and running then you’re paying for 7 checks that aren’t being used. With us, you simply pay for what you use and in this case, that would be £3.00. Equally, if like most small business owners you just have one, you just pay £1.00.

How simple is it?

  No technical knowledge needed.

 Fast and easy to setup.

  No obligation – you can cancel at any time!

  Plans starting from just £1/month!

Unbeatable Prices

With prices starting from just £1 per month, you can rest assured that your website is up without it affecting your wallet


We know that you just want to know if your website is working, right? Well that’s why we keep it simple.
No jargon here!

Pay Per Site

You probably only run one or two sites so rather than charging you for 10, we charge you for one! And, if you do run more; we offer discounts.

Email Notifications

Get notified of down and up time to
multiple email addresses

Text Notifications

Don’t always check your emails? Add the SMS package and we’ll notify you that way too.

Up/Down Notifications

As well as notifying you when your site has gone down, we’ll also tell you when it’s back up again

How often do we check your site?

Per minute
Per hour
Per day
Per Week
Per Month