1 Million Pings today

1 Million Pings Today!

In News by James Warrack

On Friday October 20th 2017 we hit a milestone of 1 million pings!

In the grand scheme of things, this isn’t actually that large a number but it’s a pretty cool milestone none-the-less and it means that our data set is now into seven figures which is important for managing large datasets in future.

We’ve only just released our tool and we’re planning features that other similar services don’t provide, so sign up for free and check it out. Once you’ve signed up you’ll have the peace-of-mind that your website is being checked constantly, so that you know when there’s a problem before any potential customers go elsewhere because your site is down.

You have a dashboard where you can check out your site uptime in raw figures and graphing, in addition to a variety of related metrics. As time goes on we’ll notify you of additional features to make your site-management that much more effective, so keep an eye of things and get pinging!